Meat Stock


When it comes to gut health and gut healing protocol, most people will think about bone broth. In recent years, bone broth has made a name for itself as the ultimate gut-healing medicine. Although it is an excellent gut-healing medicine, the goodness of meat stock should not be forgotten.

Bone broth tends to be higher than meat stock in collagen and gelatin as well as amino acid glutamine, substances which heal the damaged gut wall.

So then, what is the point for meat stock?

First, ‘more’ does not mean ‘better’, sometimes more is too much. Second, meat stock amino acids profile is better suited for early stage gut healing than bone broth is.

In a heavily damaged gut wall, high level dietary glutamic acid will get converted into MSG which often gives neurological symptoms like headaches, chest pain, flushing, numbness and burning sensation around the mouth, facial pressure and swelling, etc.

This is where meat stock comes in. In a heavily damaged gut wall or during the early treatment of gut healing protocol, it may be essential to use the more gentle meat stock instead of bone broth. As the gut is healed to a point, bone broth can then be introduced into the diet.

Meat stock is made similarly as bone broth, by simmering meat in a pot of water for several hours. The difference is, in meat stock recipe we utilise 80% meat 20% bone cuts of meat (i.e. shank, oxtail, whole chicken, etc.) or cuts of meat where the bones is covered by meat (ie. ribs, neck bones, etc.).

To save time and energy, make a large batch of meat stock in a larger pot. For beef, pork, lamb meat stock, it is best to use the bony cuts of meat, ask your butcher for assistance.

Cooking time:

Fish: 1 hour     Chicken: 1-3 hours      Beef, lamb, pork: 3-6 hours


  • Fish: Bones with meat attached, fish heads.
  • Chicken: Neck, wings, drumsticks, legs, feet, whole chicken.
  • Pork: Hocks, trotters, neck bones
  • Beef and lamb: Shank, short ribs, tail.


  1. Place meat of your choice in a large pot.
  2. Fill the pot with water covering two inches above the meat.
  3. Bring water to a boil and then turn down heat to simmer.
  4. Continue simmering for the duration of time outlined above.
  5. Once finished let the stock sit for an hour, then filter the stock in glass container, Use the Meat, Bone marrow and Fat as part of your meal when you make your soup/stew.
  6. Store stock in fridge overnight. Stock will turn into a thick gel like consistency after being in the fridge overnight. Observe how thick the stock is, so you can gauge how much water dilution needed before consumption.

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