GAPS Nutritional Program


What is GAPS Diet?

GAPS stands for Gut and Physiology/Psychology Syndrome; it is a nutritional program which focuses on healing the digestive systems which is the key to auto-immune disease and mental disorder conditions. It is first developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride to help her son’s Autism condition.

How it works?

As the father of natural medicine, Hippocrates says “All disease begins in the gut”. He is proven to be correct 2,500 years ago and still to this day. As recent study estimates up to 80% of our immune function lies in our digestive tract, which makes a healthy and balanced gut bacteria is key to healthy immune systems.

With a combination of high sugar/carb diet and unhealthy lifestyle the gut bacteria balance can change for the worse, giving rise to pathogenic bacteria overgrowth as they use sugar/carb as food source. As pathogenic bacteria wrecking havoc in the intestinal wall causing inflammation, the good bacteria will increasingly be challenged to fulfill its duty in performing digestion, immune response and vitamin synthesis.

Recent discovery in medical science shows there is a strong connection between our digestive system and the Brain. Whatever ailment we experience in the gut will effect the brain function. With GAPS Nutritional Program we utilize this gut-brain connection in order to improve mental health condition. Improve the gut function and you will improve your mental health.

The GAPS nutritional protocol is uniquely designed to bring the intestinal bacteria culture back into balance and restoring the gut wall integrity. Thus, eliminating the causal factors of many modern diseases and promotes healthy digestion and immune systems.

Who can benefit from GAPS nutritional program

Anyone of any age group with health challenges can benefit from GAPS nutritional program and in particular those with digestive, autoimmunity and mental conditions. The nutritional program utilizes natural unprocessed food to rejuvenate the body and bring health into balance. The program involves some basic cooking skills to prepare home cooked meals.

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